Warm up
4 rounds
5 swimmers
10 moose antlers on each side
10 single arm high pulls each side
10 total lunge and reach

GOAT work

Seated LAT test-
Legs straight out front back flat against wall
First with a pronated grip then with a supinate grip.

Have hands in clean grip or just outside of shoulders, while keeping back flat against wall raise arms straight out in front into an overhead position, seeing how high you can get arms. Ideally touching the wall.

Then perform the test again with supinated grip.

Make note of less range of motion with supinated grip, indicative of tight lats.


Foam roll lats, see video for alternate objects
2-3 minutes each side make sure to keep palm up

PVC lat stretch in bench/chair
Using a front rack grip with supinated palms position elbows on edge of bench so head will sink through between upper arms, keep pelvis tucked to stretch lat from both ends holding for two to three minutes, trying to either sink lower or drive elbows closer together

Tempo db pull over negatives
Perform 3-5 reps

Laying supine on bench or chair hold weight directly above face with arms outstretched. While keeping arms straight lower weight above head while keeping torso and hips tight and engaged.

Control the lowering for 5-10 seconds until weight is parallel with head and hips. Return weight to starting position for subsequent reps.

Single arm Floor press(total)
Bw Lunges (each leg)

Oh lunges (each leg, hold Db with both hands)
Sit up and press

Push up
Bottom half burpees

Today you are looking to move pretty consistently.

As reps decrease in each couplet the difficulty of the movements increase through accumulation of fatigue and increasing difficulty of movements.

This is a lighter to moderate weight Db workout, not a go heavy workout.

Each workout will have its own independent 5 minute cap. So the total cap is 15 minutes, however you only have five minutes on each workout. If you do not finish it in that time frame then move on to the next workout.

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: a skill I would like to learn is…

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