Warm up
3 rds
10 total Cossack squats
5 walkouts
5 wall walks
10 total lunge and reach

Goat work

GOAT work:
Pistol progressions! Today we are focused on developing balance and coordination through a series movements, increasing in complexity, challenge, and balance requirement. Balance is created by maintaining tension throughout the entirety of the movement. If a progression is too challenging, repeat the previous progression that you successfully completed.

2 rounds of:
5 sumo squats
5 air squats
5 pedestal squats
5 toe-touch curtsy squats
5 foot-wrap pistol squats
10 deck squats


Now she remembers the war,
The first in the world,
When Gullveig
Was studded with spears,
And in the hall of the High One
She was burned;
Thrice burned,
Thrice reborn,
Often, many times,
And yet she lives.
She [Gullveig] was called Heiðr
When she came to a house,
The witch who saw many things,
She enchanted wands;
She enchanted and divined what she could,
In a trance she practiced seidr,
And brought delight
To evil women

Studded with spears
Thrice burned and thrice reborn

Fitting for 2020

We have all been studded with spears. We have all been burned. We are here, standing through the fire…


Amrap 36
50 high knees
40 Cossack squats (hold light dumbbell)
30 mountain climbers
20 goblet squats (heavy dumbbell)
10 burpee over db (both stacked on top of each other)

This workout is meant to burn, maybe 3+ times
It’s a workout you should be able to move through, to sweat, to keep a high heart rate.

The goal is to move quick and avoid redlining.

We alternate heart rate spikers and heart rate pacers in this one.

Pie and stuffing won’t hold you back here, you’ll need that extra glycogen to get through this one.

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: the biggest thing I have learned from CrossFit is…

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