Warm up
3 rounds of:⁃ 5 belly breaths (feel your torso expand into the ground) ⁃ 10 total bird dogs ⁃ 10 3-position Arch lift-off

Goat work https://youtu.be/am6CAuUR4SI

3-5 rds of 3-5 push ups

Focus on elbows in, neck long, and full rom

Skill work
The Perfect V-Up DOES Exist!
3 rounds:

Gymnastics Dead Bug
⁃ 5 reps with 5 second hold at lowest position
⁃ Start in deadbug position (hands and feet in air, low back pressed firmly into the ground
⁃ Lower legs (straight, together, squeezed), keeping your palms on your quads
⁃ Hold in YOUR BEST bottom position for 5 seconds

Alternating Leg V-Up
⁃ 20 total reps
⁃ Legs stay straight
⁃ Opposite hand reaches for the toe/shoe laces/ankle/shin of the opposite leg
⁃ Try to achieve a “hollow” position with your rib cage at the top (when hand touches the toe)

Hip Dips
⁃ 10 total reps
⁃ Goal: keep the hips low in the center plank, and maintain a tight core throughout (never let your hips “sag” to the ground”)
⁃ Staying TIGHT is more important than a greater range of motion!

12 minutes

10 LEFT Single Leg RDL
20 DB Russian Swings
10 RIGHT Single Leg RDL
20 Front to Back

RDL – hold the weight in the opposite hand of the working leg
Russian Swings – hold one head of the DB, not the handle
Front to Back – 1 rep = front + back

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one

Belly breathing lying on back



Journal prompt: the worst job I ever had in was…

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