Warm up
5 minutes of cardio
Jog, bike, row, jump rope…

2 rds
5 swimmers
20 shoulder taps
30 cross jacks

Goat work

Over head squat

20 sky reaches each side 
• focus here is on maintaining a squat position (full foot on the ground) and rotating the spine. Only reach with the elbow for these today to really focus on spine rotation
10 4-part squats 
• regular version with hands overhead. Again focusing on keeping the whole foot on the ground while having hands ups overhead 

Start arms distance from the wall. Hands up overhead and perform a squat. Keep inching yourself closer to the wall until
You reach a point where your arms hit the wall during the squat or your toes are up against the wall and you can full squat without hitting the wall. 
• once you find the closest you can be to the wall, perform 10 SLOW overhead squats (no pvc or bar just arms up) at that position. Focus on reaching up with your arms and lifting your chest. 

Egyptian squat 
Place a PVC/broom on your open hand overhead and perform a squat. Do not grip the bar with your hand, let it rest on your open palm. 
• 10 reps of these. 

Monday mash up
25 Air squat
20 One arm rows each side (lunge stance, free arm forearm resting on thigh of front leg for torso support)
4 rft
Cap is 11

Rest 5

15 Goblet squat
20 Gorilla rows each side( free hand is planted on ground, both heads of dumbbell touch ground for each rep) https://youtu.be/EbB5vlSJAvU
4 rft
Cap is 11

Rest 5

10 Single arm oh squat each side
25 Bent over row (two hands on heads of db)
4 rft
Cap is 11

Use heavy dumbbell, remember to switch as needed on the rowing moves in order to keep moving…

On the single arm ohs workout modify by switch to the light dumbbell, modify to single arm front squat as well.

These are short burners, scale to a lighter weight if needed.

This is a great opportunity to build off the goat work to enhance your squat!!!

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: my favorite movie is… because…

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