Warm up
20 walking hamstring stretch each leg
10 single arm high pulls each arm
5 swimmers
10 sky reaches each arm

GOAT work:


10 reverse Nordic curls
20 90/90 Switches

Couch stretch: 4min total
2min each leg
Spend 60 both hands on ground and if your able, the second 60sec hands off ground.
Switch legs
Focus on squeezing butt and driving hips forward

Quad Smashing
With heavy Db. Spend 3min on your each leg. Allowing the weight of your implement to really get into quad


All about that tempo

One arm strict press
5×5-8 reps


That is explode up

One second pause at top

Three second lower

Zero at the bottom.

Use the second at the top to re breathe in between repetitions.

Single arm single leg rdls
5×6-8 on each leg
Hold DB in opposite hand of door that is on the ground

Holding the DB in left hand, stand on right foot.


2 second up

1 second pause at top

4 second descent

0 reset at bottom

Use same breathing and bracing technique from the strict press

This strength will be longer and taxing.

We will be pairing this with an all GAS sprint workout.

It is designed to give you a big heart rate Spike and may leave you feeling a little burnt

Amrap 7
21 lateral hops over db
14 shoulder to overhead (both hands on one DB)
7 burpee over DB

Really try to push the pace on burpees each round.

A high conditioned athlete should be shooting for 6rds +

If burpees are not your jam I want you to focus on your burpee efficiency and minimize resting during reps. 7 is a doable number of burpees, moving quick but not fully sprinting.

This workout has opportunity to rest in the movement. As an example you can do the shoulder to overhead unbroken but slowly where you are moving quickly without fully sprinting.

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