Goat work

Pull Positions
⁃ mid shin (start position)
⁃ Below knee
⁃ Above knees (low hang)
⁃ Mid thigh (high hang)
⁃ Pocket (drip/drive)

3-5 reps pausing for 2 seconds at each position.
3-5 reps with no pausing but going slow
3-5 reps normal speed

Go through with the clean first and then with the snatch.
USE THE HOOK GRIP!!!! Now is the perfect time to get your thumbs use to it and make the hook grip a habit!

Cue: PUSH. Really focused on pushing with your legs.


“New fire ceremony”

The word literally translates to a “bundle of years”. It was an Aztec ceremony carried out every 52 years, the ceremony was to prevent the end of the world…

The ceremony itself entailed all the fires being put out- then In Uixachtlan they started a fire on the chest of a captive and cut out his heart to place it in to fuel the fire. The fire then was taken all over the city to celebrate because the sun would return. People would cut their ears and put their blood in the fire. Thus the New Fire Ceremony started the new cycle and ensured the sun would return each day for another 18,980 days.

Amrap 52

100′ bear crawl (10′ lengths)
26 DB floor press each side (heavy DB if possible)
100′ crab walk (10′ lengths)
26 one arm rows each side (same weight as press)
100′ of inch worms (walk hands all the way out, then walk fee into hands and stand up, KEEP LEGS STRAIGHT) 10′ lengths
26 Kang squats with DB on traps


Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one

Belly breathing lying on back



Journal prompt: 5 things I love about myself are…

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