Warm up
2 rounds of:
⁃ 10 3-position Arch lift-off (legs only, arms only, legs + arms together)
⁃ 10 good mornings
⁃ 10 strict press (both hands on DB)
⁃ 10 DB swings

Goat work

Smashing heel on db handle for 2 min each side.

Then Achilles laying over db handle and doing
20 rotations left
20 rotations right
20 flossing back and forth

Then calf/toe raises
15 out/in/center
Total of 90 reps

Then test ankle mobility:

Toes close to wall to start and touch knee to wall, keep inching back until heel no longer stays on ground/knee can’t touch
Repeat on other side

Skill work
The Perfect V-Up DOES Exist! (Part 2)
3 rounds:

Gymnastics Dead Bug
    ⁃    5 reps with 5 second hold at lowest position
    ⁃    Start in deadbug position (hands and feet in air, low back pressed firmly into the ground
    ⁃    Lower legs (straight, together, squeezed), keeping your palms on your quads
    ⁃    Hold in YOUR BEST bottom position for 5 seconds
    ⁃    This is SLOW and CONTROLLED
    ⁃    Watch last week’s Sunday Skills video for tips!

L-Sit Hold
    ⁃    :10-:20 L-Sit hold
    ⁃    Goal: keep the legs straight out in front, toes above hip level. If not possible, try one leg straight (must do both legs!), or tuck position
    ⁃    Staying TIGHT is more important than a high toe position!
    ⁃    Pin your heels together! (In both Pike or Tuck position!)
    ⁃    Use two dining room chairs, two boxes/benches, or use two dumbbells on the ground (pike only)

Alternating Leg V-Up + V-Up
    ⁃    5 total reps
    ⁃    Left Leg + Right Leg + Both legs = 1 rep!
    ⁃    Opposite hand reaches for the toe/shoe laces/ankle/shin of the opposite leg, alternate, then both hands reach for the toes together
    ⁃    Try to achieve a “hollow” position with your rib cage at the top (when hand touches the toe)
    ⁃    Use the Goat work from last week – work on “snapping” into the top position (hand touches toe!)

4 Rounds for Time
16 min cap

20 sit ups
5 LEFT Single Arm Devils Press
5 RIGHT Arm Devils Press
20 Tuck-ups

Single Arm Devils Press:

⁃ kipping, against a wall
⁃ Strict, on a box/chair
⁃ Strict, on the floor
⁃ Push up, strict
⁃ Push up, strict to a surface

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one

Belly breathing lying on back



Journal prompt: today I have control over….

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