Warm up

4 rounds
50 step oh March each side
20 Cossack squats
10 Hindu squats
10 push ups
10 bent over rows

Goat work


Plank work

Focusing on core to extremity movement, which means you must first have control…

Four different plank efforts

Your way

Tight legs, loose core

Tight core, loose legs

Maximum tension

10 second efforts and try to video yourself!


A little different version of our Monday mashup

Two shorter workouts with a burner of a strength in the middle..

Try not to mail it in on any part here and work as best as you can.

Make sure you do the goat work before beginning this workout!

Use your heavier db option for this workout.

Focus on maintaining your breath through the Amrap portions!

Amrap 7
5 burpee pike jumps
5 squat clean thrusters each arm (heavier db)

Rx as is
L1 pike jump
L2 alternating high knees

2 minute transition

Emotm 16
20 second plank (hold maximum tension)
Make sure to do goat work first!
40 seconds curls
(The down must be slower than the up on every rep) the emphasis is on is maintaining the tempo.

2 minute transition

Amrap 7
10 total db snatches
20 bw lunges

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: the greatest piece of advice I was ever given was…

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