Warm up
5 minute hero pose

Foot drills
70′ of each
Forward on heels
Backwards on toes
Toes out
Toes in
On outsides of feet
On insides of feet

5 lunge and reach each leg
5 four part squats
5 walkouts
5 scap push ups
5 single arm high pulls each side

GOAT work:


Pistol progressions, round 3! To build balance and coordination, we hit the basics, and then we hit repeat! Just like when a good Hanson song comes on Spotify!

Today’s work is proof that the fundamentals start with FUN! Let’s put some GOOD REPS in the squat bank account!

2 rounds of:
10 forward duck walk (whole foot, short steps)
10 backward duck walk
5 pedestal squats
5 toe touch curtsy squats (each)
5 foot wrap pistol squats (each)
5 standing flamingos (each)

Bonus Goat work:
0:90 sec pistol hold on each leg, heel on ground
3:00 low squat, supported by wall

Video yourself doing these movements and share them with your QuaranTEAM!

Emotm 30

Minute 1
1 TGU each side
Minute 2
30 seconds max burpees
Minute 3
30 seconds max pistols/single leg sit to stand/curtsey squats

The goal on the TGU is to hit and feel all positions of the TGU!

On the burpees it is meant to be an all out sprint.

On the pistols we are looking for smooth and consistent reps, it is not a time to see if you have them. We want you doing work here.

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: if I could have any super power I would want…

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