Warm up

4 rds

10 single arm high pulls each side

5 swimmers

10 moose antlers each side

20 shoulder taps

5 cat/cows

Goat work:

10 front rack turn overs

2-4 pause pull positions

*pause for 2 seconds at each of the follow positions:

⁃ mid shin (start position)

⁃ Below knee

⁃ Above knee (low hang)

⁃ Mid thigh (high hang)

⁃ Pocket (dip/drive)

*remember: PUSH with your legs

2-4 slow pulls

-still make sure to hit all 5 of the above positions, but make the movement fluid/consistent and smooth

3-5 slow pull with extension pause

-similar to the above movement but now we are pausing for 2 seconds in the extensions (yes on your toes, but remember you get to your toes by PUSHing with your legs).

-the purpose of the pause is control/balance of the pull and in the extension.

5-8 extension to turn over

-on toes, shrug the shoulders, lead up with the elbows, flip and dip!


One arm rows

5×6-10 each side

Tempo of

Explode up- hold for 2-4 down -1 reset

Overhead tricep extensions

Emotm 10

Max reps in 20 seconds/ rest for forty seconds.


12 minute infinity ladder

DB hang snatch (each side)

Gorilla row with palm on ground (each side)

DB pull through (each side)

Start with one of each, then two, then three, etc until it’s over

Notice all three movements are a pulling variant. One is a vertical pull. One is a cross body pull, and one a horizontal pull.

This will end up leaving little space for you to hide. Do not sacrifice your form to keep moving and that doesn’t mean it’s an invitation to perform casual fitness.

Try to stay unbroken in later rounds but remember that the key is to do what allows you to move the most efficiently, the longest.

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one

Belly breathing lying on back



Journal prompt: my favorite holiday is… because…

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