Warm up
3 rds
20 Cossack squats
20 cross jacks
20 shoulder taps
20 glute bridges

GOAT work: Shoulder Mobility


Pec smash- 2min each side. Using head of db, moving arm up, down & around to help dig into pec tissue

2 Rounds:

5each side Shoulder CARS – Flex the arm straight up until you hit your end range then turn the palm down while inwardly rotate the arm. As you reach back, try to keep the arm in the same movement plane

10 Dead bug floor slides -start in dead bug position with your arms up into a Y position then drive the elbows down to a W position squeezing the lats. Try to keep your hands and elbows flush with the floor and press down firmly throughout the movement

10 Scap push ups – plank position, keeping arms/elbows locked out, bring chest towards floor bringing shoulder blades together, then push into shoulders coming back into a hollow body position

Towel Stretch 2min ea side if able to bring hands together without towel clasp hands, if not:
Using a small towel, hold towel in hand over head behind back, bring other hand down around back and grab other end of towel and try to close gap between hands by inching grip closer on towel


Amrap 22

30 air squats
20 dB hang snatches
Rest 90 seconds

The mandatory rest is to entice you to move through the moving portion extremely quickly…

The goal is to move as fast as you can in the 50 reps and then focus on breathing to recover.

If you are moving very quickly this should be close to a 1 to 1 work to rest ratio and be looking at 7 rds.

If you cannot snatch your dumbbell, scale to a clean!

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: the most trouble I got in as a kid was…

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