The Elysian Fields…

This afterlife was separate from hades. Typically reserved for those related to the gods and other heroes deemed worthy, living a blessed life…

Sounds like heaven, right?

Entry was a high cost…

Most would go to the plain of asphodel.

It was widely rumored that to gain admittance you would have to live three righteous lives…

I mean to be in the company of Achilles, Aeneas, Ajax, etc…

A blade can be nothing but a blade. Only the hand that picks it up knows that there was ever anything else worth holding.

3 rounds for time
Run 2000 meters
100 lunges total
30 burpees

Perform lunges holding dumbbell wherever you like…

This is a longer cardio workout. The goal is to minimize resting. Due to its length you will need to maintain a slower pace… on rounds two and three you may need to start the run portions fairly slow in order to recover from the lunges and burpees.

You have to earn your spot in those fields!!!

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