Warm up
2 rounds of:
⁃ 10 3-position Arch lift-off (legs only, arms only, legs + arms together)
⁃ 10 PERFECT air squats
⁃ 10 strict press (both hands on DB)

Skill work
The Perfect V-Up DOES Exist! (Part 3)
3 rounds:

Snap To Hollow
    ⁃    10 reps in quick succession
    ⁃    Start FLAT but ENGAGED on the ground
    ⁃    Heels together, toes pointed, legs squeezed, gluteus squeezed
    ⁃    Arms overhead (advanced) or by your side
    ⁃    “Snap” to hollow body position
    ⁃    Low back should be pressed into the ground, rib cage down

Standing V-up Toe Touch
    ⁃    10 total reps
    ⁃    Standing on the ground, feet together, knees together gluteus squeezed
    ⁃    Arms start overhead
    ⁃    Perform a standing V-up – hands touch toes by creating an “arc” from OH to the ground.
    ⁃    Rib cage is down and upper back should be rounded

L-Sit Hold
⁃ :10-:20 L-Sit hold
⁃ Goal: keep the legs straight out in front, toes above hip level. If not possible, try one leg straight (must do both legs!), or tuck position
⁃ Staying TIGHT is more important than a high toe position!
⁃ Pin your heels together! (In both Pike or Tuck position!)
⁃ Use two dining room chairs, two boxes/benches, or use two dumbbells on the ground (pike only

Goat work

Write five smart goals for 2021

4 rounds for time
16 min cap

10 thrusters (both hands on DB)
10 DB leg lowers
10 total push up-row (5 each side)

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one

Belly breathing lying on back



Journal prompt: this week I learned…

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