We are not open for classes, yet! Please check our Instagram for more information as our move is why we are not going to be open quite yet!!!

Warm up
5 swimmers
10 moose antlers each side
10 total lunge and reach
20 total Cossack squats

Goat work

2 rounds:
⁃ 5 dip/drive: PUSH with your legs, squeeze your butt, shrug your shoulders. ELBOWS STAY STRAIGHT
⁃ 5 elbows high & outside: PUSH with your legs, squeeze your butt, drive your elbows up. Elbows stay above wrist. PVC should be close (if not touching) your body.
⁃ 5 muscle snatch: PUSH with your legs, squeeze your butt, drive your elbows up, PUNCH into the pvc. LEGS STAY STRAIGHT. Elbows stay HIGH as you punch into the PVC.
⁃ 5 snatch land at 4 inches: take a breath, brace your core, drop 4inches. Feet should be in squat stance. Upper body is TIGHT. Punching into the PVC. Arms/shoulders are ACTIVE.

5-10 reps of hang power snatch
-coming from the pocket to focus on PUSHING with the legs. Goal here to put all the above pieces together in a solid, fluid movement. First 5 reps should be slow and deliberate. Last 5 reps can be a little faster.

Monday mash up

We are building from the goat work!

We have three workouts of progressive intensity.

Intensity of effort and intensity of exercise.

Each workout will require more coordination and skill while under increased fatigue.

Do not be afraid to use lighter weights to make sure you stay safe/successful in these workouts!

Each workout is total reps, break them up as evenly as possible side to side, doing more reps on your weak arm if it’s an odd number of reps.

Each workout has a 5 minute cap with a 5 minute transition. Driveway coaches do not call an audible on the cap or rest times!!!

DB Hang snatch
Air squat

DB Ohs
Push ups

DB Squat snatch

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: dear future me…

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