Warm up
5 swimmers
5 cat/cows
10 single arm high pulls each side
20 cross jacks

Goat work

2min each side Psoas smash with db/kb head

3min dead bug hold
The goal here is to stay in the air the entire 3min, we do this for 5 in class.
-If this is a move you struggle with, start with legs at 90 degrees
-if this is something you can rock out, press those HEELS into the ceiling.
Start with success in mind! If you know you get shaky legs 20seconds in and your legs aren’t even straight… don’t start with straight legs. Bend your knee and give your best 90 degrees, ENGAGE your core and keep those legs up!

Bird Dog remix
1 hip circle CARS ea side
6 bird dogs


Emotm 30
Minute 1
Minute 2
10 front rack split squats (left leg forward)
Minute 3
10 total Cossack squats
Minute 4
Minute 5
10 front rack split squats (right leg forward)

Workout notes:

TGU – Hit all positions of the TGU, do not skip steps!!!

Split squats – use your split jerk stance for your split squat. Keep your back heel high and pointed away from your midline.

Cossack squats – focus on depth first, then worry about adding load.

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: the three habits I want to implement in my life are?

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