Warm up
20 tiger sit downs
20 bridge and reach
40 shoulder taps

Goat work

One of my favorite takeaways from The Gymnastics Course was that we should be crawling, falling and rolling everyday! It is a great way to build coordination, it’s infinitely scalable, and it is most definitely functional!

Today we’re going to practice some basics to prepare us for all aspects of mastering handstands (or any upside down movement!)

3 rounds of:
20 ft. High Hip Bear Crawl
20 ft. Low to Ground Bear Crawl
5 Lunge – to – Hand Placement
0:20 sec High Plank
0:10 sec Low Plank

Breakdown of the Lunge:
You will always use the same leg to step forward!

  • Lunge (Arms overhead, imagine you’re an Olympic gymnast!)
  • Compromised Lunge (bend at the hips)
  • Airplane (balance on one leg, reach forward!)
  • Hand Placement (gentle but firm hand placement on the ground)

Two handed thruster

Rx – as is
L1 – 21-15-9

Cap is 12

This is meant to be done quickly…

It is not a challenge to go RX, Especially if you have been not as motivated or struggle to do burpees quickly.

This is a workout where going unbroken doesn’t mean you will be the fastest.

This is an opportunity to practice fast pacing versus sprinting and then hoping for the best.

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one
Belly breathing lying on back
Journal prompt: If I could be any animal in the world I would be… Because…

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