Warm up

5 minutes of cardio

5 minutes of 90/90 rotations

Goat work

2 rounds:
5 front rack warm up drill
5 front rack squats (no pvc)
⁃ think of leading up with the elbows

2 rounds:
5 flip and dips
⁃ squeeze your glutes when on your toes! Catch position should be a good squat stance as well.
5 tempo front squats (with PVC. 5 second down, 5 second pause, 5 second up)
⁃ the tempo squat should be continuous movement. Focus on keeping the chest talk and elbows up when in the bottom and on the way up.

1 round:
10 Flip and dip + front squat
⁃ 2 separate movements. The goal here is to catch with your feet in a good squat stance and be able to perform a front squat after that catch.


The Swedish king Domalde is sacrificed to avert famine.

Predating the Yul celebrations, typically this celebration involved sacrificing their animals to lessen the grip of winter.

In one Norse myth. The king, Domalde gave himself in sacrifice to save his people…

One of the more “giving” stories that has contributed to modern Christmas…

Amrap 40

Find a step to perform drop step lunges from. You will keep one foot on the step be the other will step back and down to gently touch knee to ground.

40 drop step lunges (alternate feet each rep)
40 butterfly situps
40 supermans
40 DB pull through each side
Rest 2 minutes

Mental fitness…. Find gratitude in the fact that you are not Domalde

Don’t forget pop up class 900 Saturday at Seneca One, sign up and show up to get a shake on us from The Blend (one of our new neighbors!)

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