Warm up
2 rounds of:
    ⁃    10 3-position Arch lift-off (legs only, arms only, legs + arms together)
    ⁃    10 total lunge and reach
    ⁃    10 inchworms (walk out, walk in, stand, no push up)

Skill work
The Perfect V-Up DOES Exist! (FINALE!)
3 rounds:

Alternating Leg V-Up
    ⁃    16 total reps
    ⁃    Legs stay straight
    ⁃    Opposite hand reaches for the toe/shoe laces/ankle/shin of the opposite leg
    ⁃    Try to achieve a “hollow” position with your rib cage at the top (when hand touches the toe)

Snap To Hollow
    ⁃    8 reps in quick succession
    ⁃    Start FLAT but ENGAGED on the ground
    ⁃    Heels together, toes pointed, legs squeezed, gluteus squeezed
    ⁃    Arms overhead (advanced) or by your side
    ⁃    “Snap” to hollow body position
    ⁃    Low back should be pressed into the ground, rib cage down

    ⁃    8 reps
    ⁃    Perfect form!
    ⁃    The order of the skill work is important: starting with the “alternating v-up” to practice the range of motion, then the “snap to hollow” to practice staying tight in the legs – both legs moving at the same time – initiating the hollow
    ⁃    This is the opportunity to put it all together!

Goat work:
Forearm and wrist focus:

Forearm smash
2min each side
Kneeling on forearm, using body weight to get into tissue

Wrist stretch
Kneeling on ground, palms on the ground and fingers pointing towards your knees
1min reverse
Fingers still pointing towards knees but palms up

Wrist twist stretch
1min each direction

Using broom or pvc
Bottom hand grab broom, thumb up, palm in towards body.
Upper hand turns out laterally so that palm is facing the same as lower hand. Thumb is down
Use bottom hand to increase twist or stretch. Arms remain straight.

Min 1 – 12 L woodchoppers
Min 2 – 30 DB lateral hops
Min 3 – 12 R woodchoppers
Min 4 – 5 QUICK burpees
Rx – as is
L1 – scale reps 10-25-10-4
L2 – scale reps 8-20-8-3

Scales may step over – try to challenge yourself first!
Scales CAN keep the burpee at the higher number!

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