Warm up
2 rounds of:
    ⁃    5 3-position Arch lift-off (legs only, arms only, legs + arms together)
    ⁃    5 total Snap to Hollow
    ⁃    5 total banana rolls (arch position, roll to hollow, roll to arch, etc)

Goat work
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

This week’s Handstand Goat Work is going to build on complexity on last week’s movements! We will now combine our crawling positions with our end-range of motion static holds (handstand push ups!)

2 rounds of:
5 Lunge – to – Hand Placement
0:20 sec High Plank
0:15 sec Low Plank
5 HSPU – in High Hip Bear Crawl (pike on floor)
5 Strict Push Ups – Same body position as Low To Ground Bear Crawl (use higher surface as needed)

*Breakdown of the Lunge:
You will always use the same leg to step forward!
    ⁃    Lunge (Arms overhead, imagine you’re an Olympic gymnast!)
    ⁃    Compromised Lunge (bend at the hips)
    ⁃    Airplane (balance on one leg, reach forward!)
    ⁃    Hand Placement (gentle but firm hand placement on the ground)
    ⁃    Foot off the ground!
    ⁃    Second foot off the ground! (This is a gentle and slight movement off the ground, and ONLY if comfortable)

Skill work
2 rounds:

    ⁃    1-2 times around (chair or box), 3-4 back-and-forth (step/stairs)
    ⁃    Achieve “pike on box” position, hands on ground and feet on box/chair/step
    ⁃    Hips stay high, above shoulders, above hands
    ⁃    Walk hands to the right, then to the left.
    ⁃    Get used to picking up hands and moving them

    ⁃    6-8 reps on each arm
    ⁃    Seated pike position on ground
    ⁃    Try to keep legs TOGETHER
    ⁃    Chest is tall, neck is long
    ⁃    Core is engaged
    ⁃    Opposite (non-working) hand is off the body!

    ⁃    20 PERFECT reps (your absolute BEST!)
    ⁃    Heels together, quads are squeezed
    ⁃    Hips are low, glutes are squeezed
    ⁃    Shoulders are directly over your hands
    ⁃    Fingertips face forward
    ⁃    Core is tight and achieving hollow body position (rib cage is down!)

5 Rounds For Time
14 min cap

20 Alternating V-Ups
20 Single Arm DB thrusters (total)

Rx – as is
Mod – scale thrusters to 14

⁃ Use light DB for thrusters
⁃ Legs STAY STRAIGHT on V-ups. Scale to tuck ups if legs are not straight.

Mental fitness:

Review 2020, find three things you are grateful for that would not have happened without the Corona virus.

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