Warm up
3 rounds
10 moose antlers each side
5 swimmers
10 captain Morgan’s each side
10 Cossack squats each side

Goat work

5 min floor sweep
2.5 min each direction
3min (6min total)
Hamstring smash with DB head or water bottle
60 total reps – Sciatic Sliders
20 head tilting up
20 head neutral
20 head tilting down

Bent over rows
5 sets of 8-12 reps
3 up- 1 pause- 5 down- 1 reset

Superset with bent over lateral raises/face pulls/band pull aparts 12-15 reps

4 rounds for time
25 burpees
25 bent over rows
25 air squats

Rx as is
L1 20 of each
L2 15 of each

The goal is to move quickly through all movements with little to no rest cap is 11 minutes

Mental fitness

Spend 10-15 minutes on one

Belly breathing lying on back



Journal prompt: if you could go back to March 1, 2020 what would you tell yourself?

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