Warm up slips
2 rounds
20 seconds on
10 seconds off
Through each move

Scale (front left)
Scale (front right)
Scale (back left)
Scale (back right)
L sit (use chairs)


Goat work
A common issue, especially with people who work in an office, is weak/underperforming hip flexors.

Hip flexors play an important part in all athletic endeavors and whether you know it or not play a large role in the majority of low back pain.

There are multiple muscles that make up the “hip flexors”. This is not an anatomy lesson so I will spare the details. The muscles of you want to look them up are
-Psoas Major
-Rectus Femoris

Many moves we do in CrossFit, just like the scales and L sit work the hip flexors from a position where the thigh is flexed to a 90 degree angle.

While this is helpful, it is incomplete. The need to strengthen the hip flexors through a greater range is needed to prevent injury especially in the positions where we fail athletically and where we need maximum drive.

We typically fail a deadlift toward the beginning of the lift when we are still very flexed forward and the hip flexors are shortest. We typically fail the squat again at the bottom with load on the body.

This is why the passive range lift off is so important.

Today we will be doing them from a standing position. Use a chair at home and stack books under you to find the correct starting height!


Perform 5 sets of 20 second holds on each leg with 1-2 minutes rest in between.

The goal is to hold it high! If you can hold it very high with a bent leg, try a set or two with a partially extended leg.

Amrap 9
6 total db snatches
12 lateral hops over db
18 shoulder taps
24 tuck jumps/ 48 alternating high knees

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