One story goes that the god Thora did not like the baobab growing in his garden, so he plucked it out and threw it out over the wall of Paradise. It fell on the Earth below, landing upside down and simply continued to grow.
Another story goes that when the baobab was planted by God, it kept walking, so God pulled it up and replanted it upside down to stop it moving.
A third story holds that when God was planting trees on earth, he asked the animals to help him and gave every animal a tree to plant. The hyena was given the baobab, but was so disgusted by the tree, it simply shoved it in the ground upside down.

40 minutes infinity ladder

Squat 1000#
8 hspu
Squat 2000#
8 hspu
Squat 3000#
8 hspu
500m row/ski/1k bike
Squat 4000#
16 hspu
Squat 5000#
16 hspu
Squat 6000#
500m row/ski 1k bike
Squat 7000#
24 hspu
Squat 8000#
24 hspu
Squat 9000#
24 hspu
500 m row/ski 1k bike

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