The second strongest god? That would be Vidar. Again, historians don’t know too much about Vidar. What they do know is that he was the strong and silent type, referred to by the Vikings as being ‘the silent god’.

How do we know he was so strong though? That’s because of what Vidar does during Ragnarok. Oh, what’s Ragnarok? That would be the Viking apocalypse. It’s an epic battle that see’s the Gods go up against the forces of the Giants. At the end of that battle most end up very dead. Odin, all-father of the gods, is killed by Fenrir – an enormous mountain-sized wolf. Fenrir gobbles up Odin and lets out a mighty belch of satisfaction.

That’s the moment when Vidar, like your favourite action hero, gets to work. Vidar kicks his magical shoe (just one apparently, why he didn’t have a pair of magical shoes is beyond me) into Fenrir’s lower jaw, wedging the great beast’s mouth wide open. Then Vidar hulks up and hacks, chops and wallops the inside of Fenrir’s yapper until the giant wolf is dead.


10 chest to bar pull ups

25 wallball bear squats

40 step ups

750 meters ski

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