Egyptians had elaborate rituals for those who had passed, involving mummification and preparation for the long journey to the afterlife. After the soul left the body, it wandered the underworld looking for the Hall of Truth. Souls had to pass a final exam to reach eternal bliss. And if a soul failed, the demon goddess Ammit destroyed it.

Ammit was a nightmare for Egyptians: Some believed she had a crocodile’s head, a lion’s paws, and a hippo’s body. During the final exam, the deceased’s heart was weighed against a white feather, which represented balance. If their heart didn’t pass the exam, Ammit ate the person’s essence, and they vanished for eternity.


Amrap 40

50 Burpee box over

50 calories Row

50 Db snatches

50 calories Bike

50 Db lunges

50 calories Ski

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