3 rds

10 sa hp each side

10 total lunge and reach

10 reverse Nordic curls

30 toe raises



• Stand on feet with with stance slightly wider than shoulder width apart

• Hands in between bent legs with a full grip on the bar

• Knees in line with toes

• Shoulders slightly in front of the bar at set-up

• Lumbar curve maintained

• Hips extend forward and shoulders rise at the same rate

• Heels down until hips and legs extend

• Shoulders shrug, followed by a pull of the arms

• Elbows move high and outwards pointing to opposite directions

• Bar moves over the middle of both feet

• Complete at full hip and knee extension with the bar pulled up just below the chin


For time

21 sdhp

15 hang snatch

9 burpee bar hop

300m run

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