M -run 1 mile for time (this is a time trial) this is a hard single mile, if rowing row a 2k, if biking bike 3600m

U -your skill focus this week is on the push-up, focus on all reps having your elbows glued in tight to the sides of the body, when performing your push-ups chest or vest touches only. Do not count any reps where the belly or thighs touch.

R -accumulate 30 quality reps of push ups 5 days this week

P – mobilize accumulation of 40 minutes in the bottom of a squat (break it up into 5-15 minute segments) can do the Olympic squat test as well

H – hydration, last week was drink 50% of your bw in liquid, this week try to drink 24oz of liquid within an hour of waking and an additional 24oz within 1 hour of your workout.


3 rds

20 supine single leg banded knee tucks (total)

30 toe raises

5 wall walks

5 swimmers


2 rds

5 walkout toe taps

10 drag curls

15 db oh triceps extensions


Amrap 24


5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats


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