M-miles, get them in!!!

U- upgrade practice your skill each week

R-reps, split them up and get them in!!! Cannot be all done in one day.

P-prep mobilize the specific areas

H-hydrate mofo’s

M-run 2 miles at 75% of your mile pace or if you didn’t do the mile from last week run at a pace you could sustain for longer (4 miles) row equivalent is equal bike is 2.5x

U- core control. You cannot go where your core isn’t going… 5 minutes of planks

R- perform 150 wall squats -toes forward, chest up!

P- you thought squat tests were done??? Hahaha 20 minute squat test, 150 band pull aparts , no more than 15 in a set

Hydrate- drink 40% of your body weight within 6 hours of waking up, no more than 32oz an hour

Warm up

Hero pose


3 rds

60 second supinated hang

10 ring rows

10 push ups


3 rds

10 beat swings or 10 hollow rocks

6 banded push ups

10 total Cossack squats


Amrap 15

10 c2b pull ups

20 calorie row

30 step ups total

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