M-miles, get them in!!!

U- upgrade practice your skill each week

R-reps, split them up and get them in!!! Cannot be all done in one day.

P-prep mobilize the specific areas

H-hydrate mofo’s

M- 400’s run 6 400’s this week at a pace that is 10% or more faster than your mile time trial. If you ran a 10 min/mi then your 400 pace would need to be 2:15 or faster each time.

U-accumulate 5 minutes in a hollow hold. Choose a difficulty where 30 second sets are challenging.

R-Perform 25% of the murph reps for time testing your rep strategy for the workout. Your goal time for this should be less than 12 minutes. This is completing 25 pull ups 50 push ups ands 75 squats.

P- perform 5 minutes of supinated hangs, 400m of single arm farmer carry (200m each side)

H- If you consume alcohol this week alternate one alcoholic beverage with a non-alcoholic beverage of equal or greater size. If you are not consuming any alcohol this week then your goal is to consume 64+ oz of liquid the +/- 1 hour of your workout, if you workout at 9am you would consume this liquid between 8am-11am.

Warm up

2 rds

30 toe raises

15 sa hp each side

3 open style wall walks

20 oh shrugs

5 tricep push ups

13 minutes



20 minutes


6 minutes

Run 800

Max hspu

Rest 2

5 minutes

Run 600

Max dips

Rest 2

4 minutes

Run 400

Max sa devils press

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