M-miles, get them in!!!

U- upgrade practice your skill each week

R-reps, split them up and get them in!!! Cannot be all done in one day.

P-prep mobilize the specific areas

H-hydrate mofo’s

M- run 15 minutes for max distance

U- perform 3 “30 second” push ups , 10 seconds down, 10 seconds hold, 10 seconds up. Perform 5 “30 seconds” squats, 10 seconds down, 10 seconds hold, 10 seconds up

R-perform a 10 minute push up and squat Emotm. The goal is to perform max reps of each movement.

Minute 1- push ups

Minute 2-squats

Minute 3- push ups

Minute 4-squats

Minute 5- push ups

Minute 6-squats

Minute 7- push ups

Minute 8-squats

Minute 9- push ups

Minute 10-squats

P- perform a 5 minute squat test 6 days this week

H- consume 70% of bw in liquid daily

Warm up

3 rds

30 toe raises

60 sec supinated hang

10 lunge and reach

10 minutes


Split jerk

8 minutes


Emotm 15

Clean and split jerk


3 rounds

Amrap 3

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Immediately into

Amrap 2

Clean and jerks

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