M-miles, get them in!!!

U- upgrade practice your skill each week

R-reps, split them up and get them in!!! Cannot be all done in one day.

P-prep mobilize the specific areas

H-hydrate mofo’s

M- run as far as possible in 2 minutes, walk 2 minutes repeat for 5 total runs, record distance

U- transitions matter! Practice this week perform 10 rounds of 1 pull up/ 2 push ups/ 3 squats, focus here on efficiency of getting up to and off of the pull up bar, how you get down to do your push ups as well as how you rise to get into your squat. Every extra step, every off rep, every wasted movement will only make you more tired, slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

R – perform 5 sets of 10 strict pull ups this week, your descent should be slower than your ascent

P – foam roll your lats, 3 minutes on each side three separate days this week! Smash your pec with a lacrosse or soft ball for 2 minutes each side 3 times this week

H- start strong , drink 32 oz of liquid within 90 minutes of waking up, everyday.

Warm up

3 rds

60 second supinated hang

Single arm oh carry from window to wall and back

15 band pull aparts


2 rds

5 wall walks

5 walkouts

20 deadbugs


100 pull ups for time

Post WOD

Forearm stretch


12 minutes work to a heavy squat clean for the day

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