Welcome to the Quarter Deck…

102955261Typically, the quarterdeck serves as the part of the upper deck of a ship reserved for officers. In the U.S. Navy, this area is reserved for official ceremonies and as the station of the officer of the deck in port. Throughout history, the quarterdeck has been used to carry out exercise and – sometimes – punishments. Or at least, that’s what we’ve been told.

At Quarter Deck Athletics, home of CrossFit QDA, we are grateful for the opportunities afforded to us and the sacrifices that have been made to allow us the freedoms we so enjoy. With multiple family members serving in various branches of the armed forces, a military lifestyle is something with which we grew up and has become an integral part of our lives. We regularly honor fallen soldiers through special “hero workouts.” It is not something we take lightly. It comes with the utmost respect, sincerity, and appreciation.

Here at QDA, everyone is equal. We are all equally important and equally treated with equal expectations. And that expectation is simple: Effort. That is it.

Success is a simple formula: Your best effort, consistently performed, over many days. Progress happens every single day but in small amounts. It is the aggregation of marginal gains, day in and day out.

imageQDA is the only gym in downtown Buffalo, offering CrossFit, chiropractic, and nutrition services for all ages and abilities, and, as such, we are able to measure effort like no other fitness facility or gym. Our fitness and medical backgrounds allow us to offer safe, effective, and intense workouts that can be scaled for all skill levels. We have worked with all populations – from children to retirees, professional athletes to cancer patients, as well as those with joint replacements, and hip and shoulder problems. We have seen it all. Whether you want to be able to perform everyday movements pain-free, such as walking or getting out of a chair, or you’d like to lose weight and/or build muscle, we can tailor every workout to fit your needs to keep you healthy and progressing towards your goals.

Located in the newly renovated Seneca One Tower, QDA is the only gym of its kind in Buffalo. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself!