June 1, 2020

Warm up5 minute full body flow 5 minute hero pose 10 minute squat test Strength Sign up for circle time tomorrow and get in a burner!!! WorkoutEvery 6 minutes for 30 minutes12 burpees24 squatsrun Rx 500mL1 400mL2 300m Do not add a vest. Go faster!

May 31, 2020

Warm-upHero pose 5 minutes3 rounds10 deck squats10 sky reaches10 jumping jacks Skill Work - Single Leg Squat workNeed: mat to kneel in, post/doorframe to steady yourself 3 rounds: Hip Sleeper Stretch - 90 seconds1st round: Left 90 sec2nd round: Right 90 sec3rd round: Both legs together 90 sec*find a “comfortable” position for your hips, this … Continue reading May 31, 2020