March 20, 2023

Warm up 10 Pvc pass through 20 Oh shrug 10 Oh squat 60 sec Supinated hang 2 rds Then Snatch Circle time Then Emotm 20 Even 1 snatch Odd 2 strict pull up Workout 11 minutes Strict pull-up Snatch Infinity ladder

March 17, 2023

Saint Patrick was a 5th-century Romano-British Christian missionary and Bishop in Ireland. Much of what is known about Saint Patrick comes from the Declaration, which was allegedly written by Patrick himself. It is believed that he was born in Roman Britain in the fourth century, into a wealthy Romano-British family. His father was a deacon … Continue reading March 17, 2023

March 16, 2023

Warm up 90/90 Then 2 rds 60 seconds sky reaches 60 seconds knee push aways 60 seconds hands under feet hip raises 6 minutes Then Strength 6 sets 15-20 reverse hypers 10-15 supine banded knee tucks 15-20 straddle lifts Workout Amrap 13 10 push ups 15 sit-ups 25 air squats