April 19, 2021

Warm up 3 RDS 10 PVC shoulder openers 5 snatch grip push press 10 ohs 5 hang snatch 9 minutes Strength Emotm 15 2 hang power snatch Using this as a workout primer/definitely getting much heavier than in the workout ⁃ Hook grip ⁃ Finishing pull, hitting triple extension workout 50 strict pull ups 50 … Continue reading April 19, 2021

April 16, 2021

Procrustes In Greek mythology Procrustes "the stretcher who hammers out the metal" was a rogue smith and bandit from Attica who attacked people by stretching them or cutting off their legs, so as to force them to fit the size of an iron bed. Get as far as possible in 40 minutes10 evil wheel10 back … Continue reading April 16, 2021

April 15, 2021

Warm up 2 rounds 10 high pulls each arm 10 tiger sit downs each side 30 bear crawl shoulder taps Skill Kb swing Strength Work to a heavy hang db snatch 6 reps alternating arms without putting it down 15 minutes Workout Amrap 14 30 Db snatch 30 A squat 30 Kb swing