April 9, 2020

Demos and video challenge Warm up5 minute full body flow Then 4 rounds5 Jefferson curls5 scales each leg5 cat/cows10 bird dogs20 dead bugs WodAmrap 1520 Push up position lateral hops20 dips off a chair/bench/box20 oh lunges with weight/plate/bag

April 8, 2020

Video challenge and warm up tips Warm up5 minutes of cardioJump/skip/jog/row/bike 150’ of eachFoot drillsWalking hamstringWalking hip flexorLunge and reach 60s each legFront to back leg swingsSide to side leg swings 300’JogHigh kneesButt kickersSide shuffleKaraoke Workout Pick your sprints These are all approximate distances. Do your best to measure and bring maximum effort to each … Continue reading April 8, 2020

April 7, 2020

Movement demo and video challenge Warm up5 rds 10 Bird dogs10 captain morgans each side10 tiger sit downs each side10 dB pull throughs each side10 t openers each side StrengthEmotm 30 (perform one rep per minute)Corona comboCurl + press + windmill + oh lungeAlternate sidesEven minutes left sideOdd minutes right side WODAmrap 75 burpee over … Continue reading April 7, 2020