May 23, 2023

Warmup 3 rds 20 knee push aways 20 sky reaches 10 front rack sotts press Then 4 rds 3 thrusters 200m run Workout 10 minutes Cap Run Max thrusters Rest 2 minutes 8 minute cap Run Max burpee bar hops Rest 2 minutes 6 minutes cap Run Max squat clean thruster

May 22, 2023

M-miles, get them in!!! U- upgrade practice your skill each week R-reps, split them up and get them in!!! Cannot be all done in one day. P-prep mobilize the specific areas H-hydrate mofo’s M- perform foot drills 5x this week U- solidify your rep strategy for Murph R- the reps are done! Show up to … Continue reading May 22, 2023