October 20, 2020

Warm up4 rds15 Hindu squats10 curtesy squats each side10 lunge and reach total3 Jefferson curls Strength5 rds10-12 oh tricep extensions10-12 curl and press10-12 bent over lateral raises WOD30-20-10Pistols (total)Dips After each round (30/20/10)15 thrusters

October 19, 2020

Warm up5 minutes hero pose Then3 rds5 four part squats10 sky reaches each side10 Cossack squats each side15 band pull aparts Strength15 minutesWork to a heavy hang squat clean Emotm 102 hang squat cleans@ 80-85% of today’s max WODAmrap 65 hang squat cleans5 burpee bar hops Use 50% of max clean for the day