Meet the Staff

Dr. Dennis Lesniak, DC MSACN CF-L2
Owner & Head Coach

12074823_10100825893969095_1397005737497923527_nDennis has been immersed in the health and fitness world since 2001. It is, without a doubt, his passion. He puts as much energy and dedication into his practice as he expects from his clients – and they will agree! He is committed to helping each client achieve his or her best self through exercise, nutrition and healthy living.

Dennis received his Bachelor of Science in exercise science from the University at Buffalo, but he didn’t stop there. He earned his Master of Science in applied clinical nutrition and Doctor of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College. He has held certifications with NCSA, ACSM, USAW, and many more, including CrossFit. He currently holds his CrossFit Level 2 certification.

Dennis doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk. As a CrossFit affiliate owner since 2011, not only does he program the daily workout, or as we say – workout of the day (WOD) – but he does them. He’s right there, putting in the work alongside his clients. Additionally, Dennis has completed seven full marathons and a 50-mile ultra marathon, and he was one of only 35 finishers of the 2011 Death Race. Now, Dennis continues to actively compete in CrossFit and adventure races. He LOVES a challenge, but we don’t recommend placing any bets. He always seems to win!

Dennis’ extensive education and degrees combined with his fitness background have provided him the ability to work with multiple professional athletes from the NFL and NHL as well as Division-I athletes in a multitude of sports. He has coached athletes to four different CrossFit Regional appearances, international competitions, including Wodapalooza and the Granite Games, and to many podium finishes in both individual and team competitions held locally and regionally. But you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from Dennis’ services. The bulk of his clients are just like you and me – people trying to lead healthier lifestyles. Everyone has different goals – whether it’s being able to perform your job pain-free every day, overcome a health condition or disease, or lift heavy weights. No matter your goal, Dennis will work with you to be successful because your success is his success.

When he’s not working, Dennis spends his time with his son, taking him on wilderness adventures. He also enjoys writing on his blog.

Josh Stewart
11246481_10206546834218539_6269495593382806819_nJosh has more than 10 years experience in the fitness industry where he has focused primarily with sports teams and individual athletes who sought to gain a competitive advantage, including NFL and NHL athletes.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in sports management and exercise science from California University of Pennsylvania, which he has bolstered with a multitude of certifications, including CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Weightlifting. When he’s not at the gym, Josh keeps his hands full with his four daughters and wife Kristine. And for some reason, he is a big fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates.


Kristie Lesniak
Office Manager & Community Relations Coordinator
11222989_1012163332149729_6444919166627045924_oKristie has worked with Dr. Lesniak since 2011 as his office manager, handling the overall day-to-day management of the chiropractic and gym front office. In addition, Kristie serves as QDA’s community relations coordinator as she oversees the business’ charitable giving and community involvement, including organizing fundraisers and other special events. Kristie is always there to make sure the office is running smoothly – whether it’s helping a client schedule an appointment, chasing after her nephew or simply lending a helping hand or listening ear to anyone who needs it. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in history from the University at Buffalo and is currently working towards her CrossFit Level 1 certification. Kristie loves sugar skulls, Harry Potter and America.

Potter the Muggleborn
Gym Dog
img_0580Potter is a beagle-red heeler mix just a few months old. You can find him at QDA, hanging out behind the front desk with his owner Kristie. If you’re having a tough day or just need a little extra motivation to come to class, know there will be puppy snuggles and kisses awaiting you! Potter doesn’t own a wand, but he has the magical ability to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere for his fellow muggles. Potter enjoys short walks, playing fetch with his toy bacon strip and chasing kiddies around…when he’s not sleeping, of course. He’s so adorable he’s even got his own Insta.