Don’t Be Scared of Exercise

Barbells. Dumbbells. Kettlebells. Gymnastics. Too often, people hear these words and are scared. They may be scared for a number of reasons – getting hurt, not being the best at it or being really sore. You know what words scare me?  Heart disease, osteoporosis, joint replacements and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Be afraid of that. Don't … Continue reading Don’t Be Scared of Exercise

Treating Pain With Chiropractic Care

Pain is deceptive. It is often the last symptom to appear and the first to go away. Picture this: You’re at a Bills tailgate, and you want to do the flying elbow off a minivan. Your friend convinces you it’s a bad idea. Your friend is like pain. When it comes to our bodies, pain … Continue reading Treating Pain With Chiropractic Care

Movement Heals the Body

The human body is an amazing piece of engineering. Think about the complexity of the blood vessels, muscles, bones, organs and neurons. Think of all of the moving parts that work in perfect harmony. It is an example that we try to recreate in many things that we build from computers, to machinery, to everything … Continue reading Movement Heals the Body