What kind of athlete are you?

What are you willing to sacrifice for what will make you happy? What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to suck at? How many relationships are you willing to let fail? How many parties will you miss? How long are you willing to pursue this? How honest are you capable of … Continue reading What kind of athlete are you?

What is your biggest why?

We have many different whys. Many reasons why we do things. I remember on one of my rides home from a workout with my dad he said to me, never stop. Whatever you do, never stop working out. Never stop exercising. I guess I have listened so far. I cannot go more than a day … Continue reading What is your biggest why?

Strong burdens make strong backs

I have a rule hiking Devils Hole, when on the stairs ascending from the beautiful canyon, the rule is simple. Do not stop. These are 300 or so stairs that provide very little respite and almost nothing in the way of level ground. Just one way, up. Today I had to depart early from an … Continue reading Strong burdens make strong backs