What is your biggest why?

We have many different whys. Many reasons why we do things. I remember on one of my rides home from a workout with my dad he said to me, never stop. Whatever you do, never stop working out. Never stop exercising. I guess I have listened so far. I cannot go more than a day … Continue reading What is your biggest why?

CrossFit Games 2018 Prep

The Open is over. For about 99.7% of the people who competed in the CrossFit Games competition, we are done. Now what? The time to prepare for 2018 has already begun. The time to address your weakness is here. The time to become better is now. The disappointment of your placement will fade. The fire … Continue reading CrossFit Games 2018 Prep

It’s About The Journey

Everything we do is really about the journey. The destination is always anticlimactic. Always. We have a tendency to build up these situations and ideas as being absolute. That they will be amazing, dream-like places and situations where pain, despair, fear, and every single other negative emotion fade into nothing. We are delusional in these … Continue reading It’s About The Journey