New year, new you?

We are full swing into New Year’s and with it resolutions galore, although in Buffalo I think the Bills making the playoffs is riding a much higher wave. This is a time where many gyms are throwing out these seemingly ridiculous deals. I have a deal right now its for 8 weeks as a part … Continue reading New year, new you?

It starts with why.

My Why What’s my why? To understand that, you must first understand my whats… Professionally, I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and I hold a Master's of Science in applied clinical nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in exercise science. Beyond this, I hold more than 10 exercise and health related certifications, I and continue … Continue reading It starts with why.

That one time I did this thing called The Death Race

This is a recap that I wrote after competing in the 2011 Death Race.  The writing is definitely rough but I think you can see where certain aspects of my personality have come from, been shaped by, and why I enjoy embracing the suck. This race happened one week before I did my first level … Continue reading That one time I did this thing called The Death Race