Comfortable With Uncomfortable

I am a student of life. As such, I am constantly pursuing more understanding in what life has to offer. How do we help people deal with high stress or high anxiety situations?  Do we throw them into the middle of the pool with a sink-or-swim mentality?  Or, do we make it easier and have them wade … Continue reading Comfortable With Uncomfortable

My Therapy

We have a deep psychological connection with our food. I often discuss this with my nutrition clients. For many, food is a therapeutic escape. I love food. I think it's awesome; however, it's not my therapy. My dad showed me a much different therapy that has since shaped my life. I don't know if he … Continue reading My Therapy

Treating Pain With Chiropractic Care

Pain is deceptive. It is often the last symptom to appear and the first to go away. Picture this: You’re at a Bills tailgate, and you want to do the flying elbow off a minivan. Your friend convinces you it’s a bad idea. Your friend is like pain. When it comes to our bodies, pain … Continue reading Treating Pain With Chiropractic Care