Don’t Be Scared of Exercise

Barbells. Dumbbells. Kettlebells. Gymnastics. Too often, people hear these words and are scared. They may be scared for a number of reasons – getting hurt, not being the best at it or being really sore. You know what words scare me?  Heart disease, osteoporosis, joint replacements and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Be afraid of that. Don't … Continue reading Don’t Be Scared of Exercise

Dumbbells & CrossFit

Aren’t dumbbells, well, dumb? I recently found myself in a situation where the use of barbells and thousands of pounds of bumper plates became almost nonexistent. But I did have plenty of dumbbells. I began going back to programming – the way I had to program five, 10 and even 15 years ago. I used more … Continue reading Dumbbells & CrossFit