Come walk with me awhile

I read a wonderful post this morning from Deuce Gym. The sign in the front of their gym says motivated people only.   Some may see that as harsh or abrasive. However I look at it as being honest, up front, and realistic. I know that most people who walk by my gym or peek … Continue reading Come walk with me awhile

Start Today at QDA

At Quarter Deck Athletics (QDA), our clients are from all over Western New York. They come through our doors with backgrounds ranging from sedentary new exerciser with a multitude of health issues to former college athlete who misses team camaraderie. They arrive with different ideas and expectations of the gym. They all have different health … Continue reading Start Today at QDA

I’m Not Ready

There is no right time. There are just opportunities. You either seize them or you don’t. There is always an excuse as to why. There is always a reason to not do something, however, in order to be successful, we need our why to be greater than our why not. We need to be okay … Continue reading I’m Not Ready