Being afraid is not a problem

Fear Cowardice Weakness Terror Fright The pit in your stomach Fear is most directly related to that which we do not know or understand. We love certainty. We love the black and white. The choice of two distinct options, A or B. That is easy; red or blue, left or right, yes or no. That, … Continue reading Being afraid is not a problem

Use It Or Lose It

“When is the best time to work out?” a friend recently asked me. My response was simple and honest: “The best time to work out is when you will most likely do it.” She was concerned as she is trying diligently to be healthier and someone told her that she needed to be working out … Continue reading Use It Or Lose It

Fat Is Good & Sugar Is Bad

Bloated. Puffy. Too full to move. Diarrheal. Does this remind you of your annual Thanksgiving dinner, or is this an everyday occurrence? My approach to nutrition is simple: You need to minimize the foods that make you hurt. Food is delicious, but it's primarily our fuel and our medicine. We often forget that. There is … Continue reading Fat Is Good & Sugar Is Bad