Being afraid is not a problem

Fear Cowardice Weakness Terror Fright The pit in your stomach Fear is most directly related to that which we do not know or understand. We love certainty. We love the black and white. The choice of two distinct options, A or B. That is easy; red or blue, left or right, yes or no. That, … Continue reading Being afraid is not a problem

Simple Is Hard

Simplification is what people seek. People want the simplest explanation, the simplest terms, the simplest path. There is this idea that simple is easier, when, in fact, simple is hard, challenging, and requires tremendous tenacity and will. People want to simplify everything – especially the stuff that’s hard to understand. For example, diet and exercise. … Continue reading Simple Is Hard

Comfortable With Uncomfortable

I am a student of life. As such, I am constantly pursuing more understanding in what life has to offer. How do we help people deal with high stress or high anxiety situations?  Do we throw them into the middle of the pool with a sink-or-swim mentality?  Or, do we make it easier and have them wade … Continue reading Comfortable With Uncomfortable