Fat Is Good & Sugar Is Bad

Bloated. Puffy. Too full to move. Diarrheal. Does this remind you of your annual Thanksgiving dinner, or is this an everyday occurrence? My approach to nutrition is simple: You need to minimize the foods that make you hurt. Food is delicious, but it's primarily our fuel and our medicine. We often forget that. There is … Continue reading Fat Is Good & Sugar Is Bad

Do You Suffer From Strength Denial?

Do you suffer from strength denial? Strength denial is running rampant throughout the country. It affects people of all ages, shapes and sizes, and it’s the leading cause of no progress in gyms all over the world. How do you know if you’re suffering from strength denial? Do you think lifting weights will make you bulky? … Continue reading Do You Suffer From Strength Denial?

Start Today at QDA

At Quarter Deck Athletics (QDA), our clients are from all over Western New York. They come through our doors with backgrounds ranging from sedentary new exerciser with a multitude of health issues to former college athlete who misses team camaraderie. They arrive with different ideas and expectations of the gym. They all have different health … Continue reading Start Today at QDA