What are you?

We seek black and white in everything. We want these perfect little packages to identify, compartmentalize, and sort. It's easier that way. It happens all the time with religion, politics, guns, drugs, and most sadly people. If you are pro one thing you are then automatically a hater of the opposite. Example, you voted for … Continue reading What are you?

Are you sabotaged by lectins?

When it comes to CrossFit, I always say that if I find something better, I would be doing that.¬†When I originally started working as a chiropractor and nutritionist in 2009, I was a huge advocate of the Paleo Diet with a Mediterranean flare. Over the years I have yet to find something that works as … Continue reading Are you sabotaged by lectins?

Your Health: Pay Now Or Pay Later

Nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. These are four main factors affecting our health day in and day out. Losing weight is like an iceberg. When you see an iceberg, you only see 10 percent. The rest is hidden below the surface. When people discuss losing weight or getting healthier, there is this idea that … Continue reading Your Health: Pay Now Or Pay Later