Come walk with me awhile

I read a wonderful post this morning from Deuce Gym. The sign in the front of their gym says motivated people only.   Some may see that as harsh or abrasive. However I look at it as being honest, up front, and realistic. I know that most people who walk by my gym or peek … Continue reading Come walk with me awhile

Use It Or Lose It

“When is the best time to work out?” a friend recently asked me. My response was simple and honest: “The best time to work out is when you will most likely do it.” She was concerned as she is trying diligently to be healthier and someone told her that she needed to be working out … Continue reading Use It Or Lose It

My Therapy

We have a deep psychological connection with our food. I often discuss this with my nutrition clients. For many, food is a therapeutic escape. I love food. I think it's awesome; however, it's not my therapy. My dad showed me a much different therapy that has since shaped my life. I don't know if he … Continue reading My Therapy