What are you?

We seek black and white in everything. We want these perfect little packages to identify, compartmentalize, and sort. It's easier that way. It happens all the time with religion, politics, guns, drugs, and most sadly people. If you are pro one thing you are then automatically a hater of the opposite. Example, you voted for … Continue reading What are you?

What kind of athlete are you?

What are you willing to sacrifice for what will make you happy? What are you willing to give up? What are you willing to suck at? How many relationships are you willing to let fail? How many parties will you miss? How long are you willing to pursue this? How honest are you capable of … Continue reading What kind of athlete are you?

Use It Or Lose It

“When is the best time to work out?” a friend recently asked me. My response was simple and honest: “The best time to work out is when you will most likely do it.” She was concerned as she is trying diligently to be healthier and someone told her that she needed to be working out … Continue reading Use It Or Lose It