Workout of the Day

July 14, 2020

***class is held at Wilkenson Point at 600 and 530*** Warm up5 RDS10 tiger Sit downs10 arm bars total10 Hindu squats10 dips off marble15 minutes SKILLTurkish get upPractice with shoe10 minutes Emotm 201 TGUONE PER MINUTE atheltes will do ten on each side WODAmrap 1114 push ups14 step ups (total)14 oh squats with DB (total)

July 13, 2020

****classes will be held at Wilkenson point, like last week. We are holding class on Monday at 600/1200/530pm. You will need a single dumbbell**** Monday monster mash up Warm up3 rounds30 walking hamstring stretch20 total single arm high pulls10 push ups10 reverse nordic curls5 wheels/bridges/glute bridges One running clockCap is 28 minutes 42-30-18DB snatches21-15-9Burpee DB … Continue reading July 13, 2020

July 11, 2020

*** pop up class today at Chestnut ridge sledding hill 1100am. No equipment needed.*** Warm-up5 minutes hero pose Then 3 rounds:10 lunge and reach (total)10 PVC pipe shoulder openers10 PVC pipe strict press Skill WorkNeed: mat to lay on, tabata timer :20 seconds work + :10 sec restHigh plankLow plank (elbows or hands)High PlankLow plank … Continue reading July 11, 2020