Workout of the Day

April 21, 2021

Warm up 5 minutes Dead bug hold Then 3 minutes of cat/cows Strength Every other minute for 18 minutes Perform a 20 second back rack static hold working to ahap workout Amrap 20 45 second back rack hold 25 straddle lifts 10 deadlifts

April 20, 2020

Warm upBanded March5 minutes Then 2 rds10 lunge and reach10 Cossack squats10 reverse Nordic curls10 minutes Strength8x3 front squat from groundBetween sets 10-15 band pull aparts20 minutes Then Pre WOD testSprint 30 seconds on rower for max cals 3 minute transition for workout WorkoutAmrap 12Row from pretest5 Front squats at 65% of max front squat … Continue reading April 20, 2020